Thursday, June 21, 2007


Have to ask: what's going on with the Mets? I mean we're in serious WTF territory here - they've been downright bad lately. Lost 8 of the last 10, 14 of the last 18, 6 consecutive series, and haven't won 2 consecutive games since May. That's not good, people; that's not even middlin'.

Now, it's not panic time. The Mets are a good team at the core; they've got some injuries to deal with; slumps happen to everybody; the Twins are solid and could take a series against any team in the majors; ditto the Tigers and Cardinals, and a case can be made for the Phillies and even the D-backs.


C'mon -

Let's go Mets!

While we're here, I may as well send a shoutout to the Bosox for beating the Braves and helping to keep the Mets in first.

As it happens, Red Sox Nation was alive and thriving in Bonnaroo. And we'll get around to that team I didn't mention in the next Bonnaroo chapter - the one dealing with The Hold Steady... Tee hee!

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