Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sports and Politics

They kind of seem like too much of the same thing right about now, don't they?

Well, leaving aside the bizarre non-joke from the people at NOW NY, which I can't even comment on because my mind is still too scrambled (plus, having a penis, what right do I have to join in that conversation? I'm going to throw up.) we now have the chance to wonder what effect Florida will have on the Primaries in general. Looks like Giuliani is out (whew!), as is Edwards (sigh). The Republicans are letting the winner-take-all contest ride, but the Democrats are punishing the Sunshiners for moving up their contest by disallowing the delegates. Hmm... think they'll hold to that? If it's close come Convention time, will the Machine reverse its decision and let Florida's and Michigan's (both won by Clinton) votes count after all? Wagers?

Meanwhile, the Packers. SIGH... Bret, Bret, Bret... What happened, man? Where was the fire? Where was the passion? Where was that guy who was ready to go out on top in a blaze of glory?? God was on your side (4 below, dude!) and the Giants did everything they could to lose.

So, ok, go Patriots. No exclamation point, though. My Boston loyalties outweigh any Green Bay resentment. Gonna turn some of that leftover roast into chili; so that's something to look forward to, anyway.

Kinda tired of hearing about how hot Tom Brady and his girlfriend are though...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Best... Photo... Ever!

This one I am shamelessly stealing from my sister's blog. I've done it before, I'll probably do it again. This time, I'll even let you in on what she wrote:

As most two-year-olds, Anna is very independent. Headstrong. Strong-willed. Stubborn. Two. Often times, it's funny. Watching her try to do things she just can't quite do yet can be amusing.

Here's an example:

Lori calls the entry 'determination,' which is pretty apt if you ask me. I mean Anna can almost get that bottle open...

So, thanks sis for the image. And while I may be the worst blogger ever, at least I can share this kind of thing once in a while.

Friday, January 11, 2008

I did it...

And I feel dirty about it.

Something I've thought about for years, and never had the heart to try.

Risking damnation by association with the rotten underbelly of society, for the sake of... what? participation in a kinky ritual, far past its social validity or usefulness? a voice in the wilderness?

But... I did it.

I registered with a political party so I can vote in the closed primary on Super Duper Pooper Scooper Tuesday.

Now I feel like I need a shower.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Crazy '08s

There is so much to write about! Shows I've seen, things I've been doing, reading, listening to, etc., the Writers' strike (why is no one talking about boycotting Leno, O'Brien, Stewart or Colbert? Need to look at that...), the caucuses and primaries and on and on.

But I'm wracked with busy-ness. Wracked, I tells ye, wracked!

So it will have to wait a while. Still, know that I'm happy, healthy and loving life.

Congrats to the people who jumped into the word game. (it was a hit at Daniel's birthday party last weekend, too!) Anyone else wanting in (who didn't already cheat and look it up on the interweb) lemme know.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


I'm guessing you're all thinking about Iowa fairly exclusively in terms of the Caucus, aren't you? Check out this poster from Sioux City past:

Pretty rad, huh? Nice to see the Feds take an interest in the local camera club.

What about this one?

Interesting in light of recent events in Vieques, no?

Or this one, from when Penicillin was new:

I really like this stuff! They're all from a great website from the Library of Congress about WPA posters from 1936-43. Cool on a whole bunch of levels. Thanks to maven haven for drawing my attention to it.

The design elements are fascinating, as are the reminders of how things change. And how they don't. New Deal, eh? Make you think of anything?

So with that, I'll leave you with a graphic reminder of the theory that loose lips sink ships...

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Words, Words, Words

One word I have been especially fond of lately is 'reckon.' Which usually elicits a laugh whether I want it to or not. A perfectly useful and noble term, featured prominently in tomes as lofty as the Bible (as in "Day of Reckoning"), it now seems always to connote a cowboy or a hillbilly, junegrass in teeth, lazily supposing sum'n or other. All I'm saying is: it's a word to be reckoned with.

Which brings me to a somewhat fun party game from NYE, courtesy one of the guest's 8 year-old nephew: What do you think is the word with the most definitions in the English language? Don't cheat, now! I'll give you a hint: the Oxford English Dictionary has well over 300 definitions for this word; has over 100.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Good things in '008

The Buffalo Tom gig was great - good band, good club, good friends, excellent way to spend an evening. Missed most of the opening bands because we were at an Irish pub watching the Patriots seal their undefeated season (in spite of the best efforts of the Giants.) Sometimes I wish I cared more about football. But not often.

Next night we hit Gloucester for a delicious seafood dinner with one of our old friends who now lives in Seattle. (I've said it before and I'll say it again - the Northwest is calling me. May have to contrive a trip out there sometime in the new year. Also, Iceland is calling me. Which is somewhat... unexpected.) Mmm... lobsters and clams... And magnificent to see Amy.

Held of until yesterday to swing out to Williamstown because of snow in Massachusetts. Helped the hosts prep and decorate, and had a fabulous New Years Eve party with them. This was part of the T-Day crowd and several of their Western Mass. contingent, including peeps from Mass MoCA, Williams College, Bang on a Can, Williamstown Theater Fest., and Jacob's Pillow. Leg of lamb, veggie lasagna, au gratin potatoes (see below re. potatoes), lemon tarts, cheese and jalapeno biscuits, corn bread, ginger bread, sardines, baked brie, salad, on and on. Plus Champagne, beer, wine, egg nog, and a punch that packed a serious punch, thanks to 'overproof' rum. Whoa. Great party - thanks, once again, to great friends

Straight up - there were some pretty hard things about '007 for me. Which isn't to say there weren't plenty of great times and fantastic events, and I'm grateful for them all. At the same time, I'm ready to shift gears. Looking forward to some wonderful developments in 2008.

And I've got some ideas of things to do to make that happen; but mostly, I'm just in a kind of state of readiness for things to open up. For lack of a better way to put it.

Plus: it's the Year of the Potato - which is all kinds of exciting! Think of the possibilities...