Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sports and Politics

They kind of seem like too much of the same thing right about now, don't they?

Well, leaving aside the bizarre non-joke from the people at NOW NY, which I can't even comment on because my mind is still too scrambled (plus, having a penis, what right do I have to join in that conversation? I'm going to throw up.) we now have the chance to wonder what effect Florida will have on the Primaries in general. Looks like Giuliani is out (whew!), as is Edwards (sigh). The Republicans are letting the winner-take-all contest ride, but the Democrats are punishing the Sunshiners for moving up their contest by disallowing the delegates. Hmm... think they'll hold to that? If it's close come Convention time, will the Machine reverse its decision and let Florida's and Michigan's (both won by Clinton) votes count after all? Wagers?

Meanwhile, the Packers. SIGH... Bret, Bret, Bret... What happened, man? Where was the fire? Where was the passion? Where was that guy who was ready to go out on top in a blaze of glory?? God was on your side (4 below, dude!) and the Giants did everything they could to lose.

So, ok, go Patriots. No exclamation point, though. My Boston loyalties outweigh any Green Bay resentment. Gonna turn some of that leftover roast into chili; so that's something to look forward to, anyway.

Kinda tired of hearing about how hot Tom Brady and his girlfriend are though...


Kevin and Carissa said...

but it the patriots win, they take away the undefeated title from the 1984 bears. WHO WOULD DO THAT TO US?! It's really all we have.

mick said...

The mighty 10-6 1984 Bears? I'm guessing you're talking about the 'Superbowl Shuffle' Bears from '85, who beat the Pats in the big game, but weren't undefeated.

I can only get so worked up about the Bears - some people consider it a crime against nature that I have any fondness for them at all, and that I heart both the Badgers and the Illini; but my response is that - unlike my immutable baseball loyalty - I just don't care enough to be bothered by the Cheesehead/FIB controversies.

And you'll always have that stupid song...

Pity the poor dolphins fans.