Thursday, January 10, 2008

Crazy '08s

There is so much to write about! Shows I've seen, things I've been doing, reading, listening to, etc., the Writers' strike (why is no one talking about boycotting Leno, O'Brien, Stewart or Colbert? Need to look at that...), the caucuses and primaries and on and on.

But I'm wracked with busy-ness. Wracked, I tells ye, wracked!

So it will have to wait a while. Still, know that I'm happy, healthy and loving life.

Congrats to the people who jumped into the word game. (it was a hit at Daniel's birthday party last weekend, too!) Anyone else wanting in (who didn't already cheat and look it up on the interweb) lemme know.


lisa said...

Is there a prize for the word game? I need incentive...

mick said...

Oh, now, nobody's making you play. In honor of the late night host who is NOT crossing picket lines - "Remember folks: it's an exhibition, not a competition."

syb said...

are colbert, stewart, and o'brien members of the WGA?
I'm pretty sure Leno is.

If they're not, and they're going on air and informing people about the strike (which I hear they have been doing), and they have the backing of the WGA - no boycott necessary, IMO.

But yes, more research needed... in all that free time.

-the recently wracked syb

mick said...

My understanding is that they are all members of WGA, but that their shows are still supposed to be on strike, and there's a picket line on each of their sets. They are all claiming that no 'writing' is going on for the duration of the strike, so the shows can continue, but I don't think that equates to 'WGA backing.'

Of course, I could be wrong.

lisa said...

I have been doing my research and while it's all very vague and confusing, I got the feeling that the WGA is behind what is going on. Both the East and West chapters have said that they are happy with the agreement with Worldwide Pants, which gives writers 2.5% of internet and mobile distribution. Viacom (Stewart & Colbert) tried for the same deal, but the WGA turned them down. They also just made a similar deal with UA and are now talking to Weinstein. Even though it's not helping reach a union wide agreement, maybe this is how it has to be done?

mick said...

I'm not seeing them being 'behind' what's going on. Worldwide Pants/Letterman are different: they negotiated an agreement. United Artists has nothing to do with the talk shows. If the WGA is ok with it, why would they be picketing the shows?

What I don't get is: why aren't they more vocally against it??? You may be onto something with the idea that it would interfere with ongoing talks to come out too loudly against these shows. It's mystifying to me how hard it is to find any reaction from them to speak of. The WGA website(s) give very little at all