Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Big Day in NYC...

...for obvious reasons.

Which was the header of an email I sent to a friend in Texas and part of that email is the foundation of today's entry. I'll try to resist the temptation to go off on ten different rants, but I will say that it's interesting and maybe not altogether bad that this particular September 11 is a little more contentious in New York than usual... people allowing themselves some healthy arguments, being respectful of each other and the Event without going overreverent.

Amy Goodman is fantastic. I wish she'd run for president, if only to get her perspective to more people. Exception to the Rulers, indeed.

The continuing Hookergate business is insane - Foley, Palfrey, Vitter, Craig: I can imagine what the Air America guys are doing with it! (Sort of have to imagine, as Air America is firewalled out where I work) Jon Stewart came back from vacation yesterday and did a good piece on Craig. The hypocrisy is endless...

And yet we come back to today. Here's what the New York Historical Society is offering. I hope all are well and happy, embracing life and memorializing in the ways you are drawn to.

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lisa said...

"why do i have a memo in my phone?"
ok, so it only took a week :-)