Friday, January 30, 2009

I Am Sick and Tired of Your Gabler Bashing

While I am really really tempted to go off on the notion of "Post-Partisan Compromise" as it currently exists, especially in terms of the recent Economic Stimulus package, I am resisting letting this cross all the way over to being a political blog. [I will, however let Glenn Greenwald say a lot of the things I've been thinking on the subject. And I don't promise that I won't revisit this question.]

Instead, I have to weigh in for a moment on the Roundabout Theatre's current production of Hedda Gabler, which has been getting a sound thrashing in the press. These reviews are, on the whole, in my opinion, mean-spirited and wrong. I'm not going to link to any of them, because I don't think they're worth the attention. And while I do have some problems with the production, a couple of them rather serious, the 'update' by Christopher Shinn was clear and streamlined, the concept and production directed by Ian Rickson was powerful and passionate, and that Mary-Louise Parker, who took some heat for missing how Hedda is 'meant to be played' (really? Is that how we think of that play and character? That there's a 'way to do it'? If you said that about Hamlet, you'd be laughed out of the room, or you should be.) in fact brought heat to the role, but not the obvious kind; rather the smoldering, under-the-surface-but-NEEDING-to-get-out kind. Not only that, but what she was doing was clear as mountain water. Loved it.

Open your minds, people. And I hope no one ever treats you the way the critics are treating this show.

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Lo said...

Okay, can't comment on the show you're talking about since I'm a loser who lives in the un-cultured city of Phoenix, but man, I love Mary Louise Parker. Glad you think she smolders. :-)