Thursday, March 05, 2009


Yesterday, the dayjob boss proclaimed to us "Don't bring in any food tomorrow - group lunch!"

Which is really nice and generous and all that. One of the things we all really like about her.

But then she left a meeting at noon to wander the building without her phone or blackberry and was not heard from for a long, long time. (Time slows down when you're hungry.) In fact, she ducked attempts to contact her.

Meanwhile, our tempers were shortening and our mutinous spirit grew.

Those of you who know me know how I get when I become too hungry. It is a sad and unlovely part of my personality. But it's there, and people have learned how to deal with it.

Not, however, the dayjob boss. She finally came back and was making jokes. Jokes that at this point were not funny. At all. The (unannounced) meetings she had been bouncing among were not of the serious, economic downturn emergency variety. They were off-the-cuff "why don't we talk about this now" type meetings.

I walked her into her office with the menu and our food orders and told her she couldn't leave until she had ordered our lunch. Then I walked out of her office and shut the door behind me.

Yep. That's what I did. To my boss. Those of you who don't know me now have a sense of how I get when I become too hungry.

Out of my mind. That's how I get.

Just got the phone call from reception. It is now 1:50. Food's here.


JAT said...

THE BELLY MUST BE FED! I'm with you, my friend.

syb said...

I just noticed your "emotional imbalance" tag on this... unless you're referring to your boss, I think "glucose imbalance" is more apt. :)