Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Cory's Birthday

This weekend was Cory's birthday. The beginning of the Month of Cory. Also baseball's opening day, the end of the NCAA hoops tourney, and some lion vs. lamb weather activity.

Cory's birthday is April 4th, which is also memorable as the day that Martin Luther King was assassinated. As my sister noted, "4/4 - that's easy to remember." Of course, she then proceeded to forget it, but it's been a hectic couple of weeks for her.

The birthday celebration started off mellow enough on Friday at Midnight, with some prosecco over mashed blackberries. We didn't get too far into the bottle that night, as we were kind of tired, but we finished it off the next day over a game of Scrabble (it was a rainy day, so going out into the park or even to a cafe didn't really float our boat.)

In the late afternoon we headed to Hoboken, where we had some tea before walking down to Cucharamama, an amazing South American restaurant. I had arranged a sort-of-but-not-really surprising array of Cory's friends to meet us there, and we had some good cocktails featuring rum and pisco, and lots and lots of good food. There were squid and octopus appetizers that rocked the house, as well as a fantastic tamale and a very good spinach empanada; my main dish was a sort of chicken and beef pot pie with, among other yumminess, olives, onions and raisins - very good; the birthday girl had an excellent roast chicken dish; a whole bunch of people went for the Argentinian skirt steak, which was almost too big to handle. There was chocolate flan with a sparkly candle at the end of the meal for the Birthday song and wish-making. Very fun. Props to all the Brooklyn types for crossing two rivers for the event!

After dinner, we took the PATH back into the city and some of the crowd split off for home. But Kristin joined Cory and me at the Flatiron Lounge (which I believe I've written about here before.) Such a good place, and I elbowed us some seats at the bar. Sue B joined us, which seemed apt, as her birthday had been a week before, so we were able to treat her for that a little belatedly.

By the time we left, it was rather late, but not too bad. And a good thing too, as Cory had a spa date the next day, courtesy one of her really good friends. I was a bit envious, but Sunday turned out to be a gorgeous afternoon so that made me happy.

Cory is the Ultimate in Camera Shy, so no photographic evidence of this event. I'll have more in the way of visual stimulation next time.

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