Thursday, May 21, 2009

More fun with Mel & El

I know I just wrote about this yesterday, but I heard from Amy Groeschel at Ars Nova and wanted to follow up a little bit on Mel & El - Show and Tell.

First of all, she sent me some rad pix of the chix:

Dancing away in the Little Pink Box.

And here they are in full-out croon mode.

Also (and this is very exciting) she has offered to give away tickets to readers of Love Minus Zero who get in touch with her and mention that they heard about it here. That's right, I said 'give.' As in free.

So, THAT'S pretty cool!

If you want to see the show (and why wouldn't you?) shoot Amy an email at and let her know you read about it on my blog. There's no catch, but there are a couple things to consider:

  • She's not giving away unlimited tickets (duh) so don't try to claim a pack for you and 20 of your closest friends.

  • You may want to request sooner rather than later - both in terms of asking soon (so they don't run out) and going soon (so you can spread the word.)
In other news - I just got cast as Claudius in a production of Hamlet up at Columbia. Too early to tell what kind of production we're looking at (other than short - the director claims it will come in under 2:30, which believe it or not is short for Hamlet) but rest assured I'll keep you posted.

Ok - that's it. I'll leave you with one last shot of the gals in their glory:

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