Friday, November 27, 2009

Great Gratitude

Yes, it's the day after all that turkey and stuffing and potatoes and gravy and pie. I was and am very thankful for the many blessings which grace my life, including such a wonderful family of friends. I didn't take still photos at the Great Feast in Queens yesterday - decided to go the video route instead.

That would be Annie and Sherin there in the kitchen, and Deric in the living room. Take note of the fact that Annie's TV has been painted red to match the walls. Pretty rad.

Next up is a little bit of kitchen magic as it happens:

It was a fun day/night, with a great group of people. Cory called from Cartagena during the afternoon, which was a great treat for me. We finally sat down to dinner and engaged in what would seem to be a ritual of holiday dining, circa 2009:

There's more where this came from. But for now, let me just say how unbelievably grateful I am that I'm able to get together with friends and enjoy events like this.

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