Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Goodbye to the '00s

Hello to the Tens. The Teens. The Twenty Teens. Something.

I've been taking a page from Colbert and been calling this year '010. Oh Ten! Or sometimes I take my cue from Dudley Moore and Bo Derek and just call it '10. As in: Perfect Ten. I suspect that Roy Scheider will win the day, and 2010 will grow to common currency. Twenty Ten. Rolls trippingly off the tongue, no?

So, to start off with a celebration (a little late), let's acknowledge that yesterday was Michael Stipe's 50th birthday.

And, lest that just, you know, freak you the f*ck out, drink a toast to Issac Newton's 467th

Oh, and remember what Tony Wilson said: "No one beats gravity." Watch out for falling apples (but don't let them slow you down.)

1 comment:

Lori said...

Love that Michael Stipe has gotten more attractive as he's aged...that leaves hope for the rest of us, too! :-)