Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Banksy Couch Gag

This tidbit of the cautionary clever is not just my entr'acte to posts about Paris, but is also a spur to those of you who need a little reminder that now is not the time to be politically complaisant or defeatist.

Now is EXACTLY THE TIME to be active and vote-y and inspired and inspirational. Or else, like Al Jean says, the holes in all your DVDs will be punched out by sad unicorns.

And yes, you should feel free to have a discussion on the nature and purpose of FOX hiring - or at least allowing to be hired - a radical graffiti artist to design a 'subversive' title sequence (aimed squarely at itself) for one of the most prominent satirical voices of the last 2 decades, in the light of the world we live in today. Proceed.

For some more direct prodding, take a glance at this editorial, about a part of the country that is rather personal to me, and that historically knows better.

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