Sunday, March 11, 2012

The World We Live In

The Stranger to Kindness has closed. One of the more intense experiences of my recent life.

Getting ready to jump into the third installment of Richard Sheinmel's Modern Living series. I'll keep you posted.

Work has been nutty. 'Nuff said.

I have been catching some good stuff out there. Manu Delago & Christophe Pepe Auer really impressed at Joe's Pub in their "Living Room" incarnation. Their Coloring Book CD/DVD gives a good idea, but the live show takes it to another level.

Authentically really good, creative music.

Also had a fun night at Kelly's place watching good/bad movies - this evening surely deserves its own post, but I don't know if I'll get around to it. If you have any level of appreciation at all for how amusing bad movies can be (and I sincerely hope you do), you must, must, MUST get your hands on Birdemic: Shock and Terror. Run to the video store or your favorite online purveyor and enjoy the wonderful awfulness that is the Birdemic, which should sit quite justly near the top of many lists of Worst Movies Ever. And then you can buy me a drink to thank me for recommending it to you and we'll spend the night remembering scenes and enjoying it all over again in the retelling. Hilarious. I never realized how low sound editing could go, or how amusing the result could be.

After, and only after, you've seen it, you may want to listen to this podcast from the good people at 'How Did This Get Made?" (After, people; you're cheating yourself if you listen to it before you see the movie. But once you have, it's more than worth it.)

You seriously have no idea.

And then we capped the double feature chez Kelly (Kelly deserves some sort of award for his music and video archive) with the Pia Zadora masterpiece Voyage of the Rock Aliens. Made in 1984, it opens with a duet of Pia Z. and Jermaine Jackson which requires a herculean act of imagination to be tied to the rest of the film. Oh, and it co-stars Ruth Gordon. As the Sheriff. Need I say more?

Later, I will say more.

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