Sunday, June 03, 2012

June Moon

I'm almost two months past my surgery.

Cory is two days out of her dance company job (and three weeks away from starting her TV job).

R.I.P. Richard Dawson (most famous for the Feud, I first saw him on Hogan's Heroes, like most people, but probably remember him most fondly for his appearances on Match Game 70-whatever.)

The next incarnation of the Modern Living series starts in less than two weeks at La MaMa.  Rehearsals really clicked in for me this week - good group and some killer material.

This weekend we had George again.  Yay!

Last weekend we went out to the Old Country for Grandma and Grandpa's 70th Anniversary.  70 years, people!  Crazytown!!

The Red Sox are finally above .500 and out of last place.  The Celtics are fighting hard to even up the series against the Heat.

Tonys next weekend.  Fingers crossed for Clybourne Park.

That is all.

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