Saturday, March 23, 2013


It’s not ok
it’s so not ok
it wasn’t ok to do
and it wasn’t ok to take pictures of
and talk about
and text about
and brag about
and joke about
It’s not ok
that you thought it was ok
That you thought it was just
     a thing that people do
That it kind of is a thing that people do
That you thought it was funny
That you thought it would go away
That you thought you would get away with it
That you didn’t really think at all.
It’s not ok this happened.
It’s not ok, ok?
It’s not ok
You’ll be ok
You won’t be ok
It won’t be ok
     for a while

Wheels turn and things are set in motion
And then it’s too late
and it’s not ok.
It’s not ok that –
     OK – THAT –
what happened
didn’t just happen to happen.
It happens not to be ok
that it ever happens.
And it happens ever.
Because if it didn’t happen
if this thing that shouldn’t happen
     didn’t happen
you wouldn’t have taken pictures
and shared them
and told jokes
and expected to be excepted
from accepting the attention
to your unacceptable attentions.
It’s not ok that you expected
her to accept it
took exception to the suggestion
that it might not go away.
It’s not ok.

We shudder as the shutters shut
and tellers tell of promise cut

But I can think of something else to cut off.

And others say it’ll be ok
you’ll be ok.
And you will,
You’ll be ok, you’ll even play
but the playing field won’t be level.
Not for a while.
Not by a long shot
or a wide shot
or a tight shot
a close-up
that you share
     Why would you share that
     Other than that that’s done?
And what’s ok about that?

And at the end of the carnival
we look back at the video
and the cotton candy may make us sick
some of the rides turned faster than we thought
didn’t turn out how we thought
turned into something
     not a carnival at all
     something not ok
And I’m sorry you’ve been inconvenienced
by the fact that the wax figurines
     you thought you won
     turned out to be flesh and blood.

On the other hand
You should have known
     You did know
     You knew
It wasn’t ok
It isn’t ok
You’ll be ok

She’ll be ok


She won’t be ok

She’ll be better.

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Proud to be your sister!