Friday, August 30, 2013

Another Self-Portrait

Oh, and here's an interesting article from The Guardian about the newest installment of The Bootleg Series.  The most notorious so-called 'bad' Dylan album is getting deluxe treatment.

Photo from the Deluxe Edition - photographer unknown (to me)

Whatever you think of the original Self Portrait (and you can be forgiven and will never walk alone if you, umm, don't much care for it), you'll probably want to give this collection a chance.  I just listened to a stream of part of it - definitely some worthwhile stuff there: simpler arrangements of material from the Self Portrait/New Morning era, some demos, some live Isle of Wight tracks.  Worth shelling out the bucks for the full 4-disc version?  Reckon that depends on your level of interest.  But I'm happy for even still yet another look behind the scenes at the ideas and processes going on in that (or pretty much any) era of this particular song and dance man.

Still sort of wish his show at Pier A Park last month had been better...

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