Sunday, March 23, 2014

New York Niece

Yes, our big project last weekend was hosting my lovely and talented niece Mary.  We actually have been working up to this project for weeks ahead of time, planning bunches of things  while keeping our options wide open.

And so, I present to you some of the highlights:

The arrival on Friday night was smooth.  Picked her up at JFK and brought her back to Chelsea.  Cory ordered dinner that got there within minutes of our arrival.  Minutes, I tells ya - minutes!

Next morning, we had bagel breakfast, and then headed out for the big Day One:

A sight Mary got to know well: the good ol' 23rd St. stop on the 1 train.

Thence, we went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel, which was most excellent, at the fancy theater with barcoloungers on the UWS.

Hoofed it across town, stopping to grab treats at a fine establishment named Treat House [I believe Cory grabbed a shot; I'll plug it in if so] which we then ate in Central Park, near the Delacorte and the Great Lawn, before moving on to the Museum district.

Poked our heads into the Guggenheim.  

Then moved on to the Met, where we spent a while in the Marville/Paris photography exhibition before doing a highlights tour with one of their docents - that covered a good bunch of ground in terms of time and space, from ancient Greece, to Rome, to Assyria, Africa.

Then down to Little India in the East 6th environs.  Had dinner at one of the more aggressively colorful places, before wrapping up the day with the Neos.

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