Tuesday, October 16, 2007

letter to patchouli terrible

This is a (slightly edited) letter i sent to a friend and fellow blogger. I invite one and all to come up with possible explanations for the phenomena described herein. (Or - what the hell? Go ahead and explain whatever phenomena you feel like explaining, feeling free to make shit up, natch.)

Cherie -

I have had many moments of confusion in this life. They can be disconcerting, but by and large i've gotten used to them. Which is for the best, i dare say. What use could there be in wallowing there in confusionland? None, say i!

And then, via google reader, i ran into two transfixing (as usual) and seemingly current blog entries from Patchouli Terrible. One was part 2 of a story of being intercepted on the subway by a french speaker after writing in french in votre journal (i know that that means 'your newspaper', but i don't know what the french word for 'journal' is). Perhaps it wasn't the end of the story; certainly it wasn't the beginning. And on closer inspection, it appears to have been written of january of '006. Hmmm. THEN there was an entry about a panhandler soliciting kicks to (his own) crotch for 20 bucks that seems not to have been written yet at all, but will be written on december 9 of this year! Tremendous!

Do you have an expanation (factual or not) for this warp of bloggy time?

Perhaps i will blog these musings and queries. I haven't decided yet (or maybe i decided last year)

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JAT said...

Mick, Most Glorious of Shorn Wild Men, Most Illustrious Thespian Reveler, and Most Esteemed Flamingo Admirer:

The confounding of dates of authorship on my already confounding pennings are quite confounding to me. Truly, I am capable of many a fantastic feat, both upright and upside down, but, alas, time travel has long eluded my capabilities. If I did possess such a singular talent, I might re-live my first Red Sox game with you, or perhaps the first visit to that fantastic Indian place in Kenmore Square, also with you. As a mere carpe diem sort of being, however, I can only credit bad computer behavior for the astounding profession of futuristic writings. The scrotal punting proposition piece, however, was most likely authored at the time indicated.

I must point out, however, that though these bloggings were indeed written in my past, they are, in fact available for your viewing pleasure in my present (which one must assume is also your present, though there the similarities end). You need only click on the completely ignorable archives button, insignificantly small, located at the left side of the blog page. It says, so unobtrusively as to be mostly ignored by all MySpacers, "Older/Newer." By clicking there, you will be exposed to the full, full frontal nudity that is my mind in moments of unusual flashery.

Hoping all is well in your present, as well as your past and future,

PT, aka, JAT.

Kisses! Hugs! Other nice things!