Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Lori!

Yes, it's that time of year when my sister gets another year older in one day. All Hail Lori! Who knew you'd turn out, well, kinda cool? Kinda really cool.

Rather than use this space to rant against Star*ucks as I'd planned to yesterday (that will come another day. Oh, I loathe them - please don't ever go there) I will instead devote it to my sister's birthday and a few random tidbits about her.

First, here's a picture of her - a good, straightforward one that she has chosen to use to present herself to the world:

It's small, I know. It's what I've got.

While we're on the subject of pictures, let it be known that she posts tons of photos, mostly of her family, on her blog. That's usually where I steal the images of my niece that I sometimes post here.

Which leads neatly to the subject of that family. That would be a pretty rad accomplishment in itself, wouldn't you say? Odd that I couldn't find a single picture of all 5 of them on her blog since her last birthday. Little help, Lo?

She hung up snowflakes in her house to bring a little holiday winter to Phoenix. This makes me proud because she kind of got the idea from me...

She makes scrapbooks all the time. Like, obsessively. I don't pretend to get it, but that's not my job.

She did a walk for the Susan G. Komen Foundation to raise money for Breast Cancer awareness, research and treatment. Three days worth, including camping. (And I think it's an understatement to say that Lori isn't really the camping type.)

She let her husband go camping with my friends and me when we went to Bonnaroo last summer.

She plays Rock Band on her Wii (oh, she went to great lengths to get a Wii for her kids) She claims that it's the funnest thing since sliced bread to play the fake guitar, and from what I hear from others, she's probably right. Personally, I hope she gets Dance Dance Revolution by the time I visit next.

She has some kind of vendetta against crocs. Again, no clue why, but it's her thing. Doesn't mind when small children wear them, but otherwise they're a problem.

She loves baseball! Hates the Yankees and therefore appreciates the Red Sox. Not the same as being a true fan, but it's close enough!

She reads to her kids.

Well, that's all I have time to put out there for now. Happy Birthday!!!!!! Not much of a present, but I hope you like it.

My other non-present for everyone is the news that I got cast in a show. Details will follow, but for now know that it's happening at the end of March/beginning of April at a theater/comedy club on West 46th Street.


Lori, Jason and Annie went to Spring Training Opening Day as part of the birthday celebration. Good call! As luck would have it, it was the occasion for the kiddo's first ever carousel ride. Tee hee!

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