Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy V-Day

Such as it is.

No really big beef with the holiday of systematized 'romance,' but not much of a fan either. This may not surprise you.

Anyway, I have a couple Valentines for y'all: the first is this site, which has all kinds of off-color, totally office-inappropriate faux Valentine E-Cards which in my opinion are perfectly appropriate in their sarcasm and irreverence toward this Day of Commercialized Love. Plus they're, you know, pretty funny.

The next is the news that Pies -n- Thighs (remember that bbq place in Brooklyn that I wrote about last year?) which had closed for a while, is re-opening in a bigger, and arguably more convenient, complete with liquor license. Will this bode well or ill for this erstwhile off-the-beaten-path treasure? Guess we'll find out come summer. In any case, this is seriously good news! Thanks to KZ for the 411 on this.

And then one little coincidence: on my commute, I rocked the iPod random action and the first track that played this morning was called 'A Valentine out of Season.' Neither here nor there, but I thought it was a quirk worth mentioning.

Happy smooching, you that smooch.

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