Thursday, July 23, 2009

On the Waterfront

It's not really news that politics are still dirty in New Jersey. But this would seem to be an extreme case, at least at first glance. Innocent until proven guilty applies, of course, but the allegations are a large-scale, international corruption and money laundering scheme.

Among those arrested is Peter Cammarano, who has been the Mayor of Hoboken for about 20 minutes. (ok, ok - a couple of months) He won a tight runoff election this spring, and celebrated his 32nd birthday yesterday (along with kicking off St. Ann's Festival - the 'boken's annual Saints and Italian Sausage & Zeppoles party) before being arrested this morning.

His electoral rivals accused him of being part of the old school machine (and no, I didn't vote for him), but - holy moly! Brando and Malden are spinning in their graves.

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