Monday, August 25, 2008

Behind the Times

Once again I've been a slacker blogger. The good news is that that's because I've been doing a lot of things that keep me sufficiently busy that I don't have as much time to write about the things I've been doing. Hopefully this week I'll have time to post about the show I'm in, maybe one or two of the shows I've seen, the beach, my bro-in-law's visit, the McCarren Pool Party...

Yeah, probably not all of that. There are a ton of photos though - I'll be sure to post some.

Meanwhile, here is an abbreviated bit of sports-related Magic 8-Pod. It's outdated - played it back when the Olympics had just gotten going, so we'll see how it fared vis a vis the way things turned out...

How will Michael Phelps do? Welcome - The Who, from "Tommy"

As in - welcome to the top of the heap, Mike. Where no one has gone before. Nicely done.

What's the deal with these pre-pubescent Chinese gymnasts? The Greatest Romance Ever Sold - Prince, from "Rave In2 the Joy Fantastic."

This was the remix/b-side version of that song, with Eve doing a come-hither-type rap. Hmm, not sure what to make of this one. I mean, we could imagine the U.S. team and the Chinese team:

Finally face 2 face
Checkin' each other up and down

But then, being a Prince song, it goes places that... um, no. Maybe we're better off just thinking of it as a comment on the Selling of the Olympic Dream, or the Selling of Capitalism to the East. Or something.

How are the Red Sox going to do in the Post Manny Era? Absolutely Free, The Mothers of Invention, from "We're Only in It for The Money."

Hehehe. This works on a few levels - the Sox can now be free from the media circus of Manny (as fun as it was and is) and be free to concentrate on Baseball. And - the title of this brilliant album may shed some light on Manny's Mysterious Motivation for wanting so badly to be traded.

OH! This leads me to a current, live-as-I-blog 8-Pod opportunity:

Now how 'bout catching the Rays, guys? Dark Chocolate - Dan Bern, from "Smartie Mine"

Hmm. This is cryptic enough. Dan loves him some Dark Chocolate in this song (don't we all?) Promises offered, unrealized and met with unyielding loyalty anyway (Sox fans know well about that):
Who'd believe that you once saved my life
When you're split in so many pieces?

Of course it gets sensual (this is a song about chocolate, people, what did you expect?) And then it resolves (over-obviously?) focusing on the bittersweet aspect of the title/subject.

Great. Being a Red Sox fan with post season hopes is a bittersweet experience. How original.

Just take it pitch by pitch, guys. Those Rays have to crumble eventually. Don't they?

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