Saturday, August 30, 2008

Family Visits

Big shout out this weekend to my cousin Nick, who is getting married in Madison, WI. 12th Night prevented me from making that trip, but most of my family is there, including Mom, Dad and Sis. Congratulations and all best wishes to the happy couple.

Speaking of family trips, Jason (brother-in-law of Bonnaroo fame) was out in NYC a couple weeks back with his father and brother for the Yankees/Royals series (They're from Iowa and are fans of the Kansas City Royals. I know, I know. It's ok, just pity them. They'll always have George Brett.) Barely had any time together, but we did grab a brunch at Bubby's, which is one of the best food spots in town.

This isn't the best photo, but I put it in because it gives a sense of the flavor of the neighborhood, and a taste of the Tribeca Stylish.

Here's a better shot of Jason:

Dude is just too good looking. May even be good enough for my sister. Maybe.

Oh, and a few of us went out for drinks after the show that night. Got a kick out of the sign in front of the bar - Vintage, on 9th Ave. Since I made an ass of myself taking a picture of it like a tourist, I may as well share it with y'all.

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