Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Heart Michelle Obama...

...Which will surprise very few of you.

I was pretty lame last night, and was doing stuff around the house and editing/processing/uploading all those photos and didn't tune in to Michelle's speech when it was broadcast live, but holy crap, how amazing:

It takes about 17 minutes, but it's worth watching if you're interested in, oh, the country we live in. I still haven't seen all the other highlights from last night's installment of Conventionfest '08 - the Kennedy Speech, the Family Bonding, Barack's Response - but I understand it was really very good, as far as this sort of jingo juggling goes. And it's always tough for me to get too excited about someone who actually wants to be a politician, but I'm letting hope in a little bit this time. A little bit.

On the other side of the coin, I had a revelation while reading Overheard in New York the other day. Came across this entry:

Anyone Else Hope She's Buying Birth Control?

Annoyed sexy girl: This is stupid! I don't see how you can just think one city is older than another!
Embarrassed boyfriend: Think about it. Can't you see how Rome would be much older than, say, Provo, Utah?
Annoyed sexy girl: Well, I've never been to either of those, so how would I know?

--Duane Reade, Columbus Ave

And I'm thinking - ha! This is the kind of thing that would get those Republicans to change those wacky notions that birth control = abortion. Maybe even get them to encourage effective birth control, sex education, and education in general.

But then it struck me - this is the revelation part - they sort of WANT everybody to be this stupid. Dumb little rule-following consumers are their total wet dream cup of spoo.

I mean, I'm making a funny; but kind of not, you know?

Then a little later I ran into an even better Republican Breeder Fantasy:

Laguna Beach, Encapsulated

Girl #1: Do you like money? Cause I like money!
Girl #2: I like money, I really like money!
Girl #3: No, no, no, I love money! I love it!

--6th Ave & 26th St, Outside Nightspot

Of course you do.

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