Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back to Rome

So, ok, I've been obsessed with Hamlet lately (don't forget - the show's this weekend! Come see it if you are around.) But I am too busy in my other life to write another letter to the King of Norway right now.

So here's another viddy of Cory and me at the Trevi Fountain, ensuring our return to Roma:


Lori said...

I was kinda hoping for a little more. Geez, you're so stingy with the Roma details! What's a girl gotta do to get a little footage with Cory in it? (Not that you're not delightful to look at...)

mick said...

Stingy? Stingy?? Post after wordy post with photos and video aren't enough for you. Sigh...

More will come before long - Gertrude is a demanding mistress.

Cory hates being on camera. What can I say? It is not my fault, and there is little I have been able to do about it (though I continually try.)