Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Rise of the Wackos

Nicely done, guys.

You wanted to oppose late-term abortions. "Killing babies" and all, you said. SO - you killed a guy. At his church, no less. Brilliant! "No place indeed should murder sanctuarize" and all.

And now, what do you know? His family is so terrified that they are closing the clinic permanently. A clinic that provided all types of health care to women, including expextant mothers. And so you have succeeded. A stunning achievement.

This, of course, is a victory not just for the heroes actually willing to shoot doctors and bomb clinics and churches. It is a victory for all who have the courage to put themselves out on a limb, shouting and screaming and hurling abuse - verbal, physical and psychological - at women in what might be their time of greatest need.

Congratulations. You now have concrete results for your actions! People will respect you now. Not like those abortion opponents who express a thoughtful point of view in civil discourse. Those wimps are fading into the past. One could respectfully disagree with them, but no one actually feared them. You can find them in a room brimming with pent-up frustration along with the New York State Senate.

But you! You have successfully struck fear into millions, including some of the most vulnerable members of society. There is no useful definition of 'terrorist' that does not include you. How proud you must be.

Update: your follow-up is another stroke of genius. Declare that victory loud and proud, heroes.

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