Friday, August 14, 2009

Massachusetts Trip

Those of you who've been keeping score at home might remark along the lines of "Ummm... wasn't that trip like two weekends ago?" Well, yes it was, but I've been busy, and away from my apartment/computer/camera a lot lately. Leave me alone.

Here, finally, is the first installment from my New England Whirlwind. Most of today's post will be devoted to the trip Kevin, Max and I took to the farm/petting zoo.

Max really liked the goats.

He wasn't so interested in the piggies, but Kevin and I were impressed.

You can get a sense of how stunning the day was; it had rained buckets the day before. So much so that they had closed roads for flooding, and I still had to drive Lola through a pond of a puddle.

We all loved meeting this calf. Not a newborn the way some of the animals were, but fun for Max to say hello.


The whole time I was in Williamstown/North Adams was fantastic. SO much fun getting to know the little man, and see him interact with his folks and everybody else (including the animals).

And of course we got to go to Mass MoCA for the Bang on a Can marathon. Which was awesome, natch. The Sol LeWitt retrospective was brilliant too. But you'd better hurry if you want to see that: it'll only be in Mass MoCA for another... 24 years.

I'll leave you with a shot of lilies and shadows from the side of Sue & Kevin's house.

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