Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Visiting Hoosiers

My friend Tim was in the city from Indiana for a theater conference, and he brought two of his daughters along with him.

Here's Keri Lynn

And here's Lauren.

I got out of work early one afternoon to show these two around a bit. It was HOT that day, but we covered ground like troopers. Met them in Herald Square, took them through Macy's (hey, it's kind of a big deal for some people. And there are those fun wooden escalators.) Then we got on a subway and went down to Canal Street to shop for souveniers for their family and stroll through Chinatown. Gave them an unintended "real New York moment" by needing to fight with a vendor over a refund (turned out fine.) Then more walking, through Little Italy and the Bowery over to the Lower East Side, where we went to Economy Candy for some vintage fun and goodies for their littlest siblings, and then a quick stop at the Tenament Museum and super yumminess Laboratorio Del Gelato. Then even yet still more walking, back to Little Italy to meet with Tim and one of his friends for some really good pizza.

And that was just one of their afternoons. They'd also hit the 'boken, and done the TKTS booth, and seen In The Heights, and walked around Hell's Kitchen with Cory and me, and gone out for other great meals. We like to take care of our visitors, especially when they're as great as these guys.

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