Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Somerville Eats

UPDATE - Steve set me straight on the name of the restaurant we went to in Union Square, Somerville. It was the Highland Kitchen, and it was a fine meal indeed. Bitchen mussels, a curried goat stew that was delicious, if a little oily. The waiter was a little clueless (he went a little over the top warning me about the spiciness of the stew, and when I asked him if the goat was grass-fed and humanely raised, he was all "Uhh... sure! yeah!"), but not bad. The bartender was fab: I had a stellar cocktail that was similar to a Manhattan, but was made with rye and cynar. Really good beers on tap too. Didn't take much of a look at the wine list, but I think it'd be safe wager that there's some good vino on there.

Anyway, if you're thinking about a Boston trip, the Highland would be a worthy stop for dinner.

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spry said...

mick - so glad you liked the highland kitchen, we must go back there with you! sue and i returned there last night...too hot to cook was our excuse, and im stickin' to it. we saw our original waiter guy (grassfed? yeah sure - it's all good!) but he didn't serve us. we got a new guy that meant well. sue ordered the little italy, that manhattan-like cocktail you described, made with cynar which is some exotic artichoke liquer? i challenge you to find that at the corner package store. we got the catfish po'boy (excellent) & the homemade veggie burger (quite good). no goat was consumed. we bellied up to the bar after the meal was done to wash it all down with a red sox win!