Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

The Hoboken version of Halloween Parade (an extremely child-friendly event) has pretty much happened by now. Very cute stuff.

But Halloween is about scares too, and I just heard a scary thing on TV. I'm watching an interview with Carlton Fisk, and they discussed how he made $11,500 in his rookie season in 1972. That's eleven thousand bucks, people, not one hundred eleven thousand. Then, after he won the AL Rookie of the Year, he had to fight for an extra 5 grand.

Carlton Fisk?!?! The Carlton Fisk - one of the great catchers of all time, the guy whose signed photo is framed on my living room wall, maybe the best catcher the Red Sox ever had (sorry Jason, but I'm guessing even you would agree with that.)

Yes, that was before free agency. And yes, I know that there's an argument out there that pro athletes get too much money. But holy crap - that's less money than you'd have made working in a gas station in 1972.

Alright, you been waiting for me to post it... here it is: Harry Cabluck's iconic shot of Fisk waving that fly ball fair over the Green Monster in the 12th inning of game 6 in 1975

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