Monday, October 19, 2009

More Ways to Dismantle Atomic Bombs

Here's yet another article on Obama's Nobel Prize, which would seem to be my new hobby. This one is by Bono, renowned international policy maven that he is.

In dangerous, clangorous times, the idea of America rings like a bell (see King, M. L., Jr., and Dylan, Bob). It hits a high note and sustains it without wearing on your nerves. (If only we all could.) This was the melody line of the Marshall Plan and it’s resonating again. Why? Because the world sees that America might just hold the keys to solving the three greatest threats we face on this planet: extreme poverty, extreme ideology and extreme climate change. The world senses that America, with renewed global support, might be better placed to defeat this axis of extremism with a new model of foreign policy.

Optimism? Sure. But I'm willing to go with that for a while. These lessons can be applied to other areas too - anything where some cooperation would be useful.

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