Monday, December 28, 2009

Post Holiday Post

SO -

Christmas '009 came and went in Phoenix, as it did everywhere else. There was something heightened about it for us this year, being that this might have been the Last Christmas Together in Phoenix, but, if anything, that just led to more celebrating.

Holiday bonding for Dad and Otis.

Mary diving into some Christmas goodies.

And the whipped-cream aftermath.

Anna's approach to Christmas involved quite a bit of ecstatic responses to gifts. This is not a child who can be accused of ingratitude for presents. Pink factored heavily - see the drop-proof camera, and the fuzzy pig, to which this almost-four-year-old responded, along with much shrieking, "I've wanted a pig my whole life!!"

Some of Sam.

Jason, a beyond-serious baseball fan and one who knows the "Reason for the Season," appreciating a hitting lesson from Jesus.

The brilliant blur that is Otis.

Mom and Dad.

Ferocity itself.

Dancing at the speed of joy.


Lori :-) said...

So many pictures I LOVE LOVE LOVE! Nice work, big brother!

Bionic Grin said...

Great pics! I feel like I was there celebrating with you! What camera are you using?? Such great color!