Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Third Man

Last night Cory and I went to see The Third Man at Film Forum. So good.

So. Good.

The angles, the lighting, the story, the acting, and - oh man - that amazing Anton Karas score (has to be the most famous zither music of all time, right? I just read an article saying that Karas had been essentially unknown, playing music in wine bars, prior to Carol Reed hiring him for this film.) One of those movies you can see over and over again and keep getting new things from it. And this was Cory's first time seeing it, so that made it extra special exciting!

This film also shows just how great an actor Orson Welles was. He's the first person you think of when the subject of The Third Man comes up, he's usually the guy who appears on the poster, the picture seems to rest on his shoulders. But really, he's only in three scenes in the whole damn movie. He just fills them with so much life that he turns out to be the star of the show. His first appearance has to be one of the all-time-most-incredible onscreen entrances. And then, of course, that ferris wheel scene... Ok, ok: I don't want to give too much away in case you haven't seen it for some reason (for the love of god, see it.)

The Film Forum run of the new print (released for the 60th Anniversary) ends tonight, so we can put this post in the Too Late to Do Anyone Any Good file. But, well, maybe it will inspire you for the next time around. Watch the DVD in the meantime, for sure; but check it out in a theater if you get the chance. (Oh, and for the Third Man fans out there: this was a good clean print with the extra material and the original European narration. It's got to be making the rounds, right?)

So. Good.

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