Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Kismet, Fire Island

Exhausting, as my 'vacations' tend to be. And should be. No sinking into the sand for this group.

First time to F.I. for me - i can't remember ever having gone to a beach in New York at all. Other than Coney Island and Jones Beach, but I didn't go in the water in either case.

So, LIRR to van to ferry to Kismet to the house, which was then our home base for the next three-and-a-half days. Sun and rain vied for primacy, but we danced with the choices they gave us. Which included actual dancing, at a bar called 'the out.'

Speaking of 'out'... we did visit a couple 'clothing optional' beaches, which yielded one of the funnier sights of the weekend: a guy who wore a hat, shirt, shoes AND socks, but no shorts of any kind. Yeah, takes somebody pretty specific to rock that look. One for the ages.

Highlights of the trip:

  • Warm sun, clean cool water
  • Tennis with Rashmi, Susan, Aaron and Sherin
  • Yahtzee on the beach, Celebrity, Loaded Questions, Phase Ten, Scrabble and Poker, Poker, Poker (this group was pretty game)
  • Sherin and Johnny Thunder dancing at The Out
  • Good beer, wine, and gin & tonics (plus that bloody mary that showed up in the nick of time...)
  • Visits from Shannon's folks and Rachel
  • Great music at the house
  • Meal after amazing meal
  • Huge waves after the storm - way fun!
  • The long walk to Ocean Beach
  • No TV the whole damn time
Hope to post some photos soon. Also hope you had a good weekend yourself.

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