Thursday, August 02, 2007

Oh, for the love of God!

Ok, this Minneapolis bridge tragedy has me a little freaked out.

I mean, of course it does, right? So frightening and upsetting. What's more disconcerting than solidity suddenly giving way and tumbling down? (This is why earthquakes are perennially at the top of my list of irrational fears - when terra firma goes all wavey, i wake up screaming)

But of course, the Minneapolitans don't get to wake from the dream.

I very selfishly checked in with my friends who live there first thing - they're ok, thankfully. Ditto the friends and family members of my friends.

Went on with my day, and checked in with Katie*, whose brother lives there, and she alerted me to our President's remarks.


He uses this tragedy to pick at Congress's budget ideas, in effect blaming the Democrats for 'infrastructure' problems. Very, very low, Mr. Bush.

Hard to imagine, but he's actually still able to surprise me with his tastelessness and gall.

Wish i could wake up screaming.

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