Wednesday, August 08, 2007

steady diet of jazz

Kind of rough going this morning. Last night's storm turned into today's urban steambath. Crowds getting antsy, sweat dripping from everything, trains not feeling cooperative, and their air conditioning even less so. These pipes beneath our city seem to be wearing out, or is it my imagination?

Yesterday was a bit of a roller coaster emotionally, topped off with happy hour with j.p. followed by a trip to the gym against all odds. What, you say it's maybe not smart to go work out on a hot night after you've had a couple beers? Pshaw. It's good for ya.

So this morning, the sitch kind of blew. Thankful for some kind people, fellow travellers who don't mind commiserating along the way.

And once again, music to the rescue. Jazz cooled me off as the steam built up around me. In random mode but nudged along by the skip-ahead button, ye olde mp3 hooked me up with -

dave brubeck, lush piano falling into sweet synchopated counterpoint with the band

mellow coltrane, letting some spirit in

jimmy smith, gettin' messy southern-style, let me revel in it for a while

frank sinatra, bringin' it all back home to hoboken

and sarah vaughan swinging some bernstein/sondheim, word mixups and all (who wouldn't mix up some words on a morning like this?

And of course, when you think you're having a bad commute, you may want to remember Minneapolis...

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